Read THIS before your next Strength Training Session!

How Strength Training makes you Mentally Resilient!


In addition to maintaining a healthy weight, strengthening muscles and bones, controlling blood sugar levels, exercise improves fitness and keeps you healthy! But it helps improve our mental capacity as well!

Exercise is proven to be beneficial to people suffering from anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. 

But what is a good mental strength?🤔 Many describe it as a combination of logical and realistic thinking, making decisions and managing emotions as well as behaviour.


So how does weightlifting contribute to Mental Strength you may ask?!😃 

When we lift weights, we use external resistance, we do so to build and strengthen muscles, improve bone structure, posture and boost metabolism.  Weightlifting, however, is also important for improving our mind-muscle coordination/connection, a crucial part of exercising. It is a part of our decision-making function which manages our control and command skills. Moreover, lifting weights enhances memory and cognitive functions. The result is the ability to make smart decisions and regulate behaviour by following a sensible pattern of thinking. In addition, it boosts confidence and self-esteem.


Since weightlifting requires a lot of attention and concentration in the present, it teaches you to live in the present and be more mindful. It stimulates the brain, hormone production, and neuron production and just as much as it causes muscle gain, it also changes the brain in response to internal and external factors.


So think about the bigger picture the next time you go and lift some weights, you won’t be only strengthening your body but also your brain💪


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